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Factbox: Britain wants to stay in EU aviation safety body, to maintain flying rights She thrashed out an agreement at her Chequers country residence on Friday, but that was undermined when two of her leading ministers, and Brexit campaigners, quit their jobs in protest at her plan to keep close trade ties. Her team hopes the publication of the white paper will ease concerns among many Brexit supporters after the resignations of former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and former Brexit negotiator David Davis. But it might add fuel to a simmering rebellion in her Conservative Party. The white paper confirms May’s desire for a “business-friendly” Brexit, trying to protect manufacturers with complex supply chains across the EU which have warned a clean break would have cost British jobs. But the government has abandoned a plan for close ties with the EU for financial services, instead saying it would push to improve the EU’s legal mechanism for access to countries outside the bloc known as “equivalence” where access is patchy and can be revoked at short notice. The head of policy at the City of London, Catherine McGuinness, described the white paper as a “real blow”. The white paper acknowledges there will be more barriers to Britain’s access to the EU market than is the case today, but it has prioritized maintaining trade ties for goods and details a plan for a facilitated customs arrangement with the EU. It also spells out Britain’s desire to participate in EU agencies that provide authorization for goods - the European Chemicals Agency, the European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Medicines Agency. Britain would accept their rules and contribute to their costs, the white paper said, but recognizing that Britain is no longer a member state. While ending freedom of movement of people, Britain will try to ensure that tourists can travel freely around Europe and will try to make its immigration policy better cater for business needs. It also proposes new bodies to help interpret rules and regulations and to resolve disputes, but says Britain will still pay due regard to the European Court of Justice.

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Introducing Swift Plans Of src="" width="350" align="center" title="REVIEW: Sarah McLachlan at Parx Casino still has 'Angel' voice, but bedeviling moments" alt="REVIEW: Sarah McLachlan at Parx Casino still has 'Angel' voice, but bedeviling moments"/>

Also having more of a punch was “In Your Shoes,” among four songs she played from her most recent disc, 2014’s “Shine On.” Some of the night’s best were the songs she sang closest to their recorded versions. Her 1997 song “Building a Mystery” was exactly as advertised: also with her on acoustic guitar; its tension building its own mystery in her yodeled lyrics. The gold, Grammy Award-nominated hit “Fallen” also was very good, and 2004’s “World On Fire” was a forgotten delight. The concert was structured so that McLachlan spoke between songs, but it was rarely insightful or enlightening. She predictably dedicated “Beautiful Girl” to her 16-year-old daughter, but then created a strong mood with her voice alone. Before another song, she talked in platitudes about “coming to terms with who you are and loving yourself.” The concert wound down with her last U.S. Top 20 hit, “Loving You is Easy,” which actually was something unusual – a happy love song from McLachlan. She closed the main set with her two best songs of the night. On acoustic guitar, “Song for My Father,” also from her latest disc, was a lovely tribute, with beautiful vocals, as well. And the set-closing “Angel,” her biggest hit, was a lovely as you remembered it.

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